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Gheorghe Zamfir @ UNTOLD

for the International Pan Flute Academy

The largest festival in Europe, UNTOLD, invited Maestro Zamfir for a musical moment as to promote his campany for the fundraising. The goal is to build the unique International Pan Flute Academy in the world. A dream of a life time. The audience was mesmerized by the beautifully haunting sound of Maestro Zamfir and rewarded him with a sea of phone lights. He succeed to conquer the attention of some of the most famous DGs in the world, Paul van Dyke & David Garrix


The director of the Hungarian Opera in Cluj, Mr. Szép Gyula greeted with joy and respect  the Master of the Pan Flute, the important ambassador of Romanian culture. During the meeting, among others, they reviewed the model of the Gheorghe Zamfir Academy, the architecture and importance of which was much appreciated by Szép Gyula, assuring the Master of all the support of the Hungarian Opera in Cluj in achieving the concept.

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