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Gheorghe Zamfir with a new concept, "FLIGHT OF SKYLARK" in the closing of the Golden Stag Festival - Brașov 2019

Master Gheorghe Zamfir accompanied by the Orchestra Lăutarii from Chisinau, under the baton of the incomparable conductor Nicolae Botgros, presented a show dedicated to the creator, called FLIGHT OF SKYLARK. Renowned artists were invited to the concert: Paula Seling, Laura Bretan, Soprano Rodica Gabriela Anghelescu, Vali Boghean Band and actor Sorin Francu. The wonderful show was presented by the Romanian Television star, Iuliana Tudor.

Zobor de Ciocarlie.jpg

Skylark's trills are difficult to play but so delightful to hear through the sound of the Pan flute. „Skylark Flight" is a concept that we really enjoyed, an inspired choice. It comes somehow from deep inside of Master Zamfir, and is a real delight to musically illustrate the stories of the winged creatures.

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