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Duet of  Gods  -  Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir and Andrea Bocelli


     This summer, in 22nd of June in Bucharest and in 25th of June in Cluj Napoca, master Zamfir was invited to perform a special duet with the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli, inside his World Tour. 

”It’s pan flute, it’s magic, it’s history. Gheorghe Zamfir, the unsurpassed master of pan flute, is a special guest in the extraordinary concert of Andrea Bocelli in Romania.
The two will perform a memorable duet, a duet of the gods: one with his voice, the other with his pan flute.
We are waiting for you on June 22nd in Bucharest and June 25th in Cluj-Napoca to applaud with all our hearts an art that will never die: Music.”




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