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Gheorghe Zamfir International Pan Flute Academy

    The project of the International Academy raised several years ago from the increasing number of students from all over the globe requesting to join Gheorghe Zamfir’s Master Classes.

     I firmly believe that good things happen in their time. When young people appreciate and support large-scale projects for the future of the talented, it means that society is healthy and our dreams become their dreams. Many thanks to this teams of exceptional young people for their contribution to the realization of the International Pan Flute Academy project! My project became their project, my dream became their dream!

The Concept

The project starts from the idea of ​creating a multipurpose cultural center, for the enjoyment, artistic production and spread of art, in a specific and particularly musical way. The structure is divided into 4 volumes: - The Amphitheater - The Zephyr Towers - The shell - The Auditorium

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