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New album release 

Elia Cmiral : Two Suites for Pan Flute and Orchestra

Gheorghe Zamfir (Pan Flute)

Czech Sinfonietta
Radek Baborák (conductor)

The Pan Flute holds a significant place in Romanian folk music, Gheorghe Zamfir pioneered the technique of this instrument in the 80s, raising it to a high concert level, all over the world.

In the hands of master Zamfir, the Pan Flute becomes an instrument at least equal to traditional orchestral instruments, offering countless colors, expressiveness, and special technical capabilities to interpret classical music as well as modern music.

Surprisingly, there is a lack of large original compositions for the Pan Flute. Therefore, writing two original compositions for this instrument and a modern orchestra is a bold revolutionary, and groundbreaking project, providing justice to the Pan Flute and offering future players a challenging musical and technical work.

Elia Cmiral is best known for his film scores, notably Ronin where he revolutionary introduced an Armenian instrument duduk, as a lead instrument in the symphonic, epic score. Cmiral musical style combines contemporary electronica with the modern orchestra, joining cutting-edge technology and production with evocative and haunting melodic themes.
Gheorghe Zamfir met the composer Elia Cmiral while collaborating on a short film for which he composed the score. Gheorghe Zamfir masterfully performed a  Pan Flute solo on several songs.

During this period, their connection deepened, with a shared appreciation for musical aesthetics and a mutual love for emotionally resonant melodies. Their joint understanding continued after the completion of the film, evolving into a cross-continental friendship — Cmiral in Los Angeles, US, and Zamfir in Bucharest, Romania.
The latest album dedicated entirely to the exceptional interpretative art of master Gheorghe Zamfir is available today as a CD or mp3 and can be ordered on all well-known platforms.

The official distributor is Willowhayne Records, UK.

For direct orders use the address and the link Default.aspx

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