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Gheorghe Zamfir is a Romanian artist, musician, and virtuoso of the Pan flute, nicknamed ”The King of Pan flute”.


Finding his way of expression through a millennial tool, he conquers the applauses of the entire Planet.


He is the first Romanian artist who sang in a private mesa of Pope  John Paul II, in 1988.


He sold hundreds of millions of records worldwide, and he has over 200 recorded albums, a record that has not been touched by any Romanian artist so far.

He is the only Romanian artist who won two Golden discs in the USA and a Gold disc in Hungary, out of 150 Platinum and Golden discs he has received over his 60-year career.

What the World says 

“Absolute musician, thrilling virtuoso,  Gheorghe Zamfir has a radiant personality.  He electrifies a room with few bars”,  L’impartial, the Swiss publication wrote in  1970.

“This music has no age. It is the everyday life of a people and of its surrounding nature”,  Valeurs Actuelles recorded in France, in  1971.

The purity of his sound has amazed and at the same time inspired many artists. One of the most famous musicians in the world, Eric Clapton, declared for The New York Times, in the 80s, that his musical inspiration comes from several unexpected sources: "I have been influenced in recent years by an artist called Zamfir who interprets warm songs and many classical works on the Pan flute. His high, clear sound on the Pan flute, is exactly how I'd like my guitar to sound."


Conductor Sergiu Celibidache praised Gheorghe Zamfir's contribution to the image of Romanian music in the context of contemporary universal culture, and Duke Ellington said of Gheorghe Zamfir that "such a talented artist certainly belongs to the category of musicians inspired by God".

Cella Delavrancea wrote in her volume “In a Life Century” that: “the purity of Gheorghe Zamfir’s art is born from the absolute perfection of his technique and the intensity of his creative talent. As Chopin,  he glosses by his sounds the spirit of ideas. Gheorghe Zamfir is a charming wizard for an instrument ennobled by his captivating art, today known worldwide”.

His passion for the pan flute and for reviving the sound of this wonderful instrument determined him to revolutionize its sound, so the traditional flute with 20 tubes,  became 22, 25, 28,  then 30, and at the end with 42  tubes, and this instrument became transcendental, being possible to be introduced in any repertoire.

This innovation also allowed for the flute to be introduced in all the musical styles and genres. It universally revolutionized the sound. It was the moment when in Europe,  and then step by step, in the entire world, started a general euphoria.  From America and Canada to  Australia, Japan, or South Africa. The concert halls were packed, cathedrals with thousands of places and endless rows, everybody wanted to listen to Gheorghe Zamfir and the pan flute becoming a universal fashion instrument.

The pan flute was born over 6.000 years ago. In mythology, its tube would have been created by mistake, the wind blowing through a bamboo stick to open it easily on the other end. “Flute de Pan”, is a  synonym for pan flute. Anywhere in this world, the pan flute and Zamfir are a whole.  “Who hears the wonderful sound of the pan flute that through the mastery of a  man of grace, raises unparalleled emotions, says “Zamfir”.  This is maybe the reason why in America it is not named pan flute. This legendary instrument, revolutionized by the one who became its genius, it’s called “Zamfir”.

He  Revolutionized  the art of Pan flute

He shared the stage with great artists of the world

Throughout his career, collaborated with top musicians in the country and abroad such as: Nicholas Licare†, James Last, Lawrence Foster, the British  Chamber Orchestra Quartet Oxford, Marcel Cellier, organist Diane Bish,  conductor Seiji Ozawa, and so on.


On the 50 years on-stage career anniversary, in 2013, there was the ”Zamfir 50”  Orchestra, composed of valuable musicians from the Philarmonic “George  Enescu” National Radio Orchestra and National Opera.


In 2015 performed seven times, with André Rieu on stage in Bucharest's  Constitution Square, in front of 84,000 spectators. The concert series continued with another seven performances in Maastricht, Netherlands.


2016 continues with a series of concerts in Romania and Egypt with famous pianist  Richard Clayderman.


2017 - On the 22nd of June in Bucharest and on the 25th of June in Cluj Napoca, master Zamfir is invited to perform a special duet with the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli, inside his World Tour.


2018 - On the 21st of September, at Constitution Square in Bucharest, Maestro Zamfir held an Extraordinary concert dedicated to his entire career and he was invited for a duet with a very dear and special artist,  Enrico Macias. The concert was at the top performance along with Avi Toledano, Eugene Sarbu, Andrea Griminelli, Valentina Naforniță, and many other international artists. 


At the Vatican, on 15th December 2018, in the very opening of the extraordinary concert for Christmas, Maestro ZAMFIR had a memorable interpretation of the Silent Night song, with Anastacia, Alessandra Amoroso, and Andrea Griminelli.

On November 20, 2019, Maestro Zamfir was in Reggio Emilia, Italy, attending a charity concert, this musical royal, celebrating the 60 anniversary of Andrea Griminelli, with big names on the world stage, Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Zucchero, Andrea Griminelli, Sumi Jo, Ammi Stewaed, Renato ZERO, Irene Fornaciari, Beppe Carletti, among others.

In January 2020, at the Romanian Atheneum in Bucharest, the Chinese New Year was celebrated with a concert organized by the Chinese Embassy in Bucharest and was presented by the China Philharmonic, directed by the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Long Yu with special guest maestro Gheorghe Zamfir.

On 15 September 2023, in Bucharest, Master Zamfir was celebrated do a concert Gala, by the legendary José Carreras and Lara Fabian, who, in addition to their solo performances, delighted the audience with fantastic duets with other artists of the evening. And the evening ended memorably, with a trio by Maestro Zamfir alongside José Carreras and Laura Bretan.

60 years of Career


For the first time, the future musician listened to a group of blind musicians. Among them, a girl was laying the accordion. It was winter, with snow, and frost, his father was in a hurry, but Gheorghe did not want to leave the singers.

Fascinated by the sound of this instrument, in the middle of a square,  downtown Bucharest, mesmerized by what he just heard, time stopped for Little  Zamfir, and with this sound started his journey in the realm of music, where he remained conquered for the rest of his life.

A messianic destiny that was to flow momentarily and give birth to a genius, to an artist that will revolutionize the art of pan flute,  gaining over the Planet with his mastery.

At the age of 6-7 years, he fell in love with a banjo, then with a mandolin brought from  Pitesti city, by his father, and at 12 years old he was already playing the accordion at Gaesti Wire Broadcasting Station, and for this, he received a gift from his father, a Mozart accordion,  which he kept around even when he was going to sleep.

It was my jewelry, it was my life, my soul. All  my existence was in that accordion

Gheorghe Zamfir

Gheorghe Zamfir was born on  April 6, 1941, in Găești City,  Dâmbovita County, on the Street of Art, where he grew up and finished elementary school.  In 1955, at age 14, his father enrolled him at the School of  Music no. 1 from Bucharest  (today, the National College of  Arts Dinu Lipatti), with the intent to study accordion, but he was accepted at the pan flute class by Professor Fănică Luca, and he proves an extraordinary skill for this instrument.

After finishing the Music High School and the baccalaureate (1961), enters the  Conservatory Ciprian Porumbescu from Bucharest,  where he graduates with a  double degree in Pedagogy  (1996) and Conductor for choir and orchestra (1968).

There followed another 2  years of conducting with  Maestro Constantin Bugeanu,  considered the greatest conducting teacher in the world. On March 24, 2005, he got his Ph.D.,  obtaining the Summa Cum Laude for his thesis entitled  “Pan Flute – The Instrument of the Divinity and the Creative  Soul; Genesis, Evolution and  Significance”.

2 a.jpg
3 - Copy.jpg


He recorded his first compositions,  in folk style, with the Romanian  Radio Folk Music  Orchestra, directed by Radu Voinescu,  following other tournaments in the  USSR and Greece,  resulting prize at  Levadia (Greece).



Tours in Germany, Switzerland,  URSS, China, and Greece, with  “Ciocârlia”  Ensemble of the  Ministry of  Interior, “Doina”  Ensemble of  Army, and with the High School of Music from  Bucharest.


Hendrix of the Pan Flute


He is appointed conductor of the “Ciocârlia” Ensemble. He made his  first “Electrecord”  disc that included  also its famous  compositions  “Doina de Jale”,  “Doina ca la vișina”



He created and invented the whole range of pan flutes, alto,  tenor, baritone, and bass, giving birth to a family of pan flutes of different dimensions. 





He established the first concert taraf and won Paris, on the scene of  “Vieux Colombier” Theatre, in 45  recitals, playing for the first time his four pan flutes - soprano, alto,  tenor, bass – created in 1968. This invention then offered him the possibility to introduce the pan flute in all musical styles and genres.  It revolutionized the worldwide sound. It was the moment when in  Europe, and then step by step, in the entire world, started a general euphoria. From America and Canada to Australia, Japan, or South Africa.  the concert halls were packed,  cathedrals with thousands of places and endless rows.


Olimpia concert poster


He creates the “pan flute-organ” style,

introducing new repertories and expanding the palette of expression and interpretation for pan flute.



Composes the first “Mesa for Peace”, for pan flute, organ, and orchestra,  recorded in Bucharest with the Radio  Orchestra and Madrigal Choir, with conductors: Marin Constantin and Paul Popescu.


Superb concerts are held in collaboration with the German conductor and composer James Last.  It followed the international recognition of a never-heard, a divine sound. 


The successes of the great artist, the rounds of applause, full houses,  medals, golden discs, and grand tours in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan,  Canada, South Africa, Belgium,  France, Switzerland, and Austria.


1978 -1979

He introduces the pan flute in symphonic orchestra, with “pop” style and He records “The Lonely Shepherd” with James Last Orchestra.


He launches the records on  the American market.


In Paris, he creates the contrabass pan flute.

He created the first rhapsody and the first concerto for pan flute and orchestra, recorded for “Philips” Records, with the  Philharmonic from Monte  Carlo (conductor: Laurence  Foster).



He creates the first quintet for pan flute and a quarter of strings “The Limes’ Quintet”,  and after, he begins to compose numerous chamber works.


He records the first disk with baroque repertoire.


He has been received 3 times in the Vatican. He made the first disc of sacred music,  something that never happened before.  The Vatican had made its record label,  recorded a disc with Vivaldi, and its second disc with Zamfir. After the death of His Holiness, he created especially for His commemoration the musical concept Totus Tuus, a set of works for pan flute, organ, and male vocal groups.


He returns from exile and continues his concerts and tours in France,  Switzerland, and Turkey (where he is declared the most popular composer and artist of the 20th century).


Gheorghe Zamfir is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Musical  Interpretation at the National  University of Music from Bucharest,  where he created the first,  worldwide, Pan Flute Study  Department.

After the termination of the collaboration with the National  University of Music from Bucharest,  he was a Professor – University  Doctor Lecturer at Valahia  University from Târgoviște.


He has concerts at the baton of the  National Folk Orchestra (2007).


He has tours in Turkey, Egypt,  Russia, France, the Republic of  Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Italy,  Spain, the UK, Canada, and the United  States of America.

Compositions: “Nicoleta’s Waltz”  for symphonic orchestra and choir. Concert for pan flute,  symphonic orchestra, and choir.  “Braul lui Dumitru Zamfira”,  ”Concert for two guitars, pan flute, and symphonic orchestra”.

With Eugene Sarbu at  the Palace Hall in Bucharest
Rome 2017


Hold a series of concerts, both at homeland and abroad, with the greatest international artist, Andrė  Rieu, and host the second International Festival of Pan Flute, in the hometown of the musician,  Găeşti.

With Andre Rieu in Maastricth


Continues with a series of concerts in Romania and Egypt with renowned pianist  Richard Clayderman and four artistic performances. He receives the honor of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Ovidius University from Constața. 

With Richard Clyderman in Egypt
Doctor Honoris Causa at Ovidius University


The beginning of spring finds Master of the Pan Flute, Gheorghe Zamfir with the Representative Orchestra of the Romanian Army,  in a special concert, on the big stage of Sala Palatului in Bucharest.


Then on the 4th of March, Rome was waiting for him in Auditorium della Concilliazione, with his marvellous band.

The second half of march 2017, finds Master Zamfir touring in Israel, with concerts in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod, Gan Shmuel, Beer Sheva, and Rishon Le Zion, beside his band, Cazanoi Orchestra.With this occasion he have met his old friends, amazing musicians, Avi Toledano and Mirel Reznik. The famous musician and artist Nancy Brandes, also a dear friend, was invited on the stage for e special musical moment.

In 22nd of June, in Bucharest and in 25th of June in Cluj Napoca, master Zamfir was invited to perform a special duet with the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli, inside his World Tour. 

Gheorghe Zamfir and Andrea Bocelli in duet


The 1st of March 2018 finds Master Zamfir together with his marvelous Orchestra in a special concert, on the stage of the Cairo Opera House. Egypt was so welcoming to the Umm Kulthum music interpreted by Zamfir for the first time in life. 

At the beginning of summer, on the 9th of June in Dublin at The HELIX, master Zamfir was invited to perform a special concert at the invitation of the Romanian Community of Ireland, celebrating 20 years of this community and 100 years of Romania! 

IMG_8036 (2).png

On Friday, 21st of September 2018, took place an extraordinary concert of the great maestro GHEORGHE ZAMFIR, the most accomplished pan flute artist of all time. The event was dedicated to ZAMFIR’s entire career and featured numerous national and international artists, and outstanding personalities of the lyrical genre: Enrico Macias, Avi Toledano, Eugen Sârbu, Andrea Griminelli, Valentina Naforniță, Orchestra Metropolitană București – conductor Daniel Jinga, Orchestra Națională „Lăutarii” – conductor Nicolae Botgros, Vasile Iovu, Paula Seling & K1, Cezar Cazanoi, Laura Bretan, Jean Luc Faraux, Aydin Yavas, Roar Engelberg, Gao Chunhua, Chang Kyun Kim, Petruța Kupper, Radu Nechifor, Claudia Iordache, Flavius Tinică, Mădălina Lupu.

Iuliana Tudor, the beloved TV presenter, hosted the September 21st event.


Gheorghe Zamfir - in the Christmas Concert at the Vatican

Concerto di Natale is an international event, where artists from all over the world meet for a special concert. The main aim of the concert is to raise as much money as possible for charity projects in Africa and poor regions of the world. On the 15th of December 2018, at the Vatican Aula Jean-Paul the II, Maestro Zamfir plays Silent Night, at the very opening.
He opened by dueting with Anastacia, the Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso, and the Italian flutist Andrea Griminelli, in “Silent Night”, then Maestro Zamfir and Andrea Griminelli appeared again to sing The Lonely Shepherd.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-17 at 10.49.27(1)
WhatsApp Image 2018-12-17 at
WhatsApp Image 2018-12-17 at

Gheorghe Zamfir - in China

At the invitation of the head Management of the Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Master Zamfir visited the far-away place in the heart of China, at the end of the year 2018, where there is a class of Pan flute, to preside over the annual graduate gala, as Honorary Director of the International Academic Exchange Center for Pan flute. The artist was accompanied by his wife and his team. At Xi'an, the Master held a concert and a Masterclass for Chinese musicians, but also for those coming from Korea and Japan, who had been waiting for him for a very long time.

Gheorghe Zamfir in Xi'an
DSC_5415 (2).JPG
IMG-20181223-WA0001 (2).jpg


Gheorghe Zamfir in Zagreb

On in3th of March 2019, Gheorghe Zamfir delighted Zagreb second time at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.
Master of the Pan flute, Gheorghe Zamfir, and his band held a concert in the prestigious Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb, an event that was part of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, according to a statement published on the website of the Romanian Embassy in Zagreb.

croatia  facebook.jpg

Gheorghe Zamfir in concert with the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis in Romania

Pope Francis arrived on Saturday 1st of June 2019 in Iasi, where more than 60,000 Christians were eagerly waiting for him, braving the pouring rain; the Pontiff is due to visit the 'Our Lady Queen of Iasi Roman Catholic Cathedral and further attend a Marian meeting with youth and families at the Culture Palace.
His Holiness then traveled by Popemobile to the Palace of Culture, where he was awaited by more than 60,000 pilgrims from the entire northeastern part of the country, as well as from the Republic of Moldova.
The event ended with a concert performed by pan flute maestro Gheorghe Zamfir and his guest, Soprano Rodica Gabriela Anghelescu, accompanied by the Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra directed by the conductor Daniel Jinga.

Gheorghe Zamfir in Iasi
Gheorghe Zamfir in Iasi
Gheorghe Zamfir in Iasi
Pope Francis in Iasi
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-06 at
Gheorghe Zamfir in Iasi
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-06 at

Gheorghe Zamfir with a new concept, "FLIGHT OF SKYLARK" in the closing of the Golden Stag Festival - Brașov 2019

Master Gheorghe Zamfir accompanied by the Orchestra Lăutarii from Chisinau, under the baton of the incomparable conductor Nicolae Botgros, presented a show dedicated to the creator, called FLIGHT OF SKYLARK. Renowned artists were invited to the concert: Paula Seling, Laura Bretan, Soprano Rodica Gabriela Anghelescu, Vali Boghean Band, and actor Sorin Francu. The wonderful show was presented by the Romanian Television star, Iuliana Tudor.

Zobor de Ciocarlie.jpg

Gheorghe Zamfir was among the top musicians of the world in Andrea Griminelli's 60th Birthday Gala Concert

Some people appear like a breeze of fresh air in your life and become friends. The friendship of the wonderful musician Andrea Griminelli is a joy to Maestro Zamfir. His presence among the great musicians, invited to celebrate Griminelli's career concert, names next to which he performed before, honors him. On November 20, 2019, Maestro Zamfir was in Reggio Emilia, Italy, attending this charity concert, this musical royal, with big names on the world stage, Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Zucchero, Andrea Griminelli, Sumi Jo, Ammi Stewaed, Renato ZERO, Irene Fornaciari, Beppe Carletti, among others.

Griminelli 60 Birthday Gala


Gheorghe Zamfir @ UNTOLD

for the International Pan Flute Academy

The largest festival in Europe, UNTOLD, invited Maestro Zamfir for a musical moment to promote his company for fundraising. The goal is to build the unique International Pan Flute Academy in the world. A dream of a lifetime. The audience was mesmerized by the beautifully haunting sound of Maestro Zamfir and rewarded him with a sea of phone lights. He succeeds to conquer the attention of some of the most famous DGs in the world, Paul van Dyke & David Garrix



Gheorghe Zamfir was honored with the Star of Romania!

On the National Culture Day of Romania, 15 January 2022, Master Gheorghe Zamfir received the highest distinction in the state, from President Klaus Iohannis, The Star of Romania.

Steaua Romaniei 2022.jpg

"Dream of Pan Flute" International Pan Flute Masterclass - Bucharest- 2022 

The International Pan Flute Masterclass of Gheorghe Zamfir took place, daily on, the 18th and 19th of October 2022, at the venue, "AGAPE" CHRISTIAN BAPTIST CHURCH, located in Bucharest, Romania.

This year we had South Korean, Romanian, and Italian guests.

At the end of it, Master Zamfir & Cazanoi Brothers delivered a very professional demo concert.

Rollup Masterclass Zamfir web.jpg

Gheorghe Zamfir - "SYMPHONY OF COLORS" - Painting Exhibition

Starting from November 16th, 2022, the foyers of the Studio Hall of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theater of Bucharest hosted a large exhibition of paintings signed by the "Master of the Pan Flute", Gheorghe Zamfir.

The SYMPHONY OF COLORS exhibition remained open until January 2023 and could be visited daily between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

expo 2022.jpg

The master of the Pan Flute, Gheorghe Zamfir, in the pose of a painter, exhibits in the foyer of the Studio Hall of TNB.


 "Gheorghe Zamfir" International Pan Flute Festival

The Gheorghe Zamfir International Pan Flute Festival reached its 5th Edition and took place in Găești, Dâmbovița, from 18 to 20  August 2023. The three days of the Festival offered the audience special musical surprises. Important artists from both the country and abroad performed on the stage in Central Park of Găești city, to celebrate the incomparable musician, Gheorghe Zamfir, and his enchanted Pan Flute. 
We thank those who made this project possible, our partners, the Gheorghe Zamfir  International Music Foundation, the Ministry of Culture, the Găesti City Hall, and the Dâmbovița County Council!

ministrul culturii Raluca Turcan ;i Nicoleta Zamfir.jpg
Afiș Festival Gh. Zamfir.jpg
369603021_1926986464350232_2887788331482301196_n (1).jpg
369633939_1926987014350177_1943781083027035260_n (1).jpg
369602964_1926986731016872_9008432452640173518_n (1).jpg

Gheorghe Zamfir anniversary concert


Jose Carreras together with Lara Fabian and Gheorghe Zamfir, at the birthday of the world genius of the Pan Flute.

The celebration of the greatest Pan Flute player of all time, Master Gheorghe Zamfir, took place under the auspices of education through culture in a completely exceptional location, the chic and comfortable Arcul de Triumf Stadium, renovated to the highest standards, offering all the necessary modern utilities the development of an event of such scope. This welcoming and beautiful space hosted an unforgettable musical royal in which the voices of the great artists intertwined with the golden thread of the rendition and pamper our hearing and soul with eternal songs, loved by all generations, immortal melodies such as Volare, Je t'aime, Lonely Shepherd, Adagio, Moon River, Caruso, Amigos para siempre and many others as well as arias from famous operas performed by the three titans, in an evening that was unique and magical at the same time.

concert aniversar 15 sept 2023.jpg
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